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Why Do We Recommend Gold-Filled Jewelry to Elevate Your Brand

Gold-filled jewelry has become a great sensation in the fashion world because of its budget friendly, durable and versatile nature. It is quite durable, flashy, and can be used as a measure of class in the fashion industry.

They are relatively priced based on the amount of gold content it possesses, and in most cases it is quite expensive. Therefore manufacturers created gold-filled jewelries as a budget friendly alternative.

Join us as we expose all you need to know about gold-filled jewelries and the great benefits it can create for your brand.

Gold-Filled VS Solid Gold Jewelry

01 Color & Shine

Basically, gold-filled or solid gold jewelry can be differentiated physically because the latter oozes a radiant color and shine better than the former.

02 Thickness

Solid gold jewelleries have a thickness that runs through the whole accessory while gold-filled thickness is only limited to the surface of the jewelry's base metal.

03 Pricing

Another difference can be seen in their pricing. Jewelries made from solid gold are the highest in price because they are pure and contain a higher amount of karats. Gold-filled, on the other hand, is cheaper because it contains a lower amount of gold content.

Its gold content can be as low as 5% of the total alloy material, giving room for manufacturers to combine other cheaper types of metals to keep the selling price lower. This doesn't mean it's fake.

04 Strength & Workability

When it comes to strength and workability, solid gold is a great choice but not in all cases. Solid gold can be malleable and soft in nature, making it an unfit option for producing jewelries that will be used on a daily basis.

In order to get the best out of accessories made from pure gold, they shouldn't be worn so frequently. Gold-Filled strength can be attributed to its combination with other strong metals. This helps to eliminate the softness in its gold content, making it a good choice for making jewelleries that can be used on a daily basis.

Custom Gold Filled Jewelry on Different Base Metal


For heavy jewelry pieces, copper is the go-to base material. It is used in fabricating the two most important types of metal alloys; Brass and Bronze. It has its unique color and a fine surface that ensures easy bonding with gold. Gold-filled jewelry made with Copper base becomes highly durable and suitable for individuals with metal allergies.


Brass is another type of metal that can easily be blended with gold. It already has a yellowish warm color similar to that of gold therefore, just a small layer of gold needs to be added to blend its color perfectly. It is a form of alloy that consists of copper and zinc. Although, brass can be a bit malleable but when it has been gold-filled, it becomes suitable for making various types of jewelleries.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is also of great utility. It is combined with copper sheets to create magnificent patterns through a process called, Mokume Gane. For the best result, at least 25 alternating layers of Sterling silver and Copper sheets must be combined. When it is concluded, the patterns become much more visible and luxurious.

Understanding Gold-Filled Jewelry Purity/Karat


Gold purity simply refers to its karats (k). 24k is pure gold in its raw state therefore, it needs to be broken down to create gold-filled jewelry. In most cases, gold-filled jewelries contain 14k gold and 18k.

Gold-to-Metal Ratio

When an accessory is said to contain 14k gold, it contains 58.3% gold and 41.3% metal. The lower the karats the higher the base metal content. Some others also make use of 12k which is approximately 50% gold and 50% metal.

Rarely Used Purity

Although, some producers go as low as using 8k which is approximately 33.3% gold and 66.7% metal. This sort of gold-filled jewelry is below par, and might not perform to expectations.

How Gold-Filled Jewelry Elevates Your Brand

Gold-filled jewelry can easily elevate your brand’s identity and exposure thanks to its intrinsic features and benefits. The piece is professionally crafted so that it ticks all critical boxes that compels a customer to make purchase.

Popular Gold Filled Colors

Gold Filled Finishes

5 Tips For Selecting The Right Gold-Filled Jewelry Pieces For Your Brand

Where does the gold come from? Ever since people became aware of the circumstances behind the gold they wear, some have become very curious in knowing the gold's source.

There are certain gold that are tagged "Blood Gold" because they are sourced from illegal mine fields all over Africa. These mine fields expose their workers to inhumane treatment and all sorts of terrible things. So in a bid to curb situations like this, people came together to boycott golds that are sourced from such minefields. Using materials like this is a terrible decision for your brand.

A lot of customers would like to know what the piece they are buying is made of. Remember gold-filled jewelry is a composition of gold and base metal. Therefore as a brand, you must be well aware of all material compositions, how they react when combined together, and if the jewelry is hypoallergenic.

Certain customers only purchase jewelry that matches their skin tone. This is a common fashion trend some people follow judiciously. Therefore, your brand should know the best selling skin tones and how to style your gold-filled jewelries to match with them.

In our society today, there are lots of people that utilize gold-filled jewelleries on a daily basis. All these people are of different demographics, class, and status. Knowing the set of people you will be selling to will help your brand determine how to fix price, the quality of jewelry, and the suitable mediums to reach out to them. tones and how to style your gold-filled jewelries to match with them.

There are different types of gold-filled jewelleries and each of them serves a different purpose. The purpose of your brand's accessory needs to be determined so as to know the most suitable component composition. Gold-filled jewelry like rings that will be constantly exposed to water might need extra components to ensure a longer lifespan.

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