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Eco-friendly and customized to match your jewelry brand with various custom designs, custom brass jewelry are an excellent option.

Explore All Custom Brass Jewelry Type

Nendine presents lovely custom brass jewelry made using eco materials and the most efficient manufacturing process. Find out how much you can save with our wholesale orders.

Custom Brass Necklaces & Pendants

Add more dimensions to your brass necklaces with custom-made link chains. Customized brass pendants make your jewelry unique and reflect your brand’s essence.

Custom Brass Earrings

Nendine provides custom brass earrings for your hoop earrings, drop earrings, and stud earrings.

Custom Brass Rings

No matter the challenge, we will help you create unique brass rings that fit your product’s needs.

Custom Brass Bracelets

Nendine is a leading brass bracelet manufacturer and offers gold plating options to suit your needs.

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Customer Centric Support

Our experts start every project with thorough research to ensure that we provide the right jewelry solution to our clients. We strive hard to surpass our customers’ expectations in any order.

High-quality Yet Competive

Who says it has to be expensive to be high-quality? Getting affordable, high-quality jewelry is a breeze with our complete control of in-house manufacturing.

Short Lead Time

Nendine has mastered the formula: the best materials, the right production process, and a dedicated workforce to create the best products on time at all times.

Carefully Crafted in 100% Recycled Sterling Silver

Tap into unlimited customization from start to finish to craft the perfect jewelry experience.


Jewelry Molding

High Polishing

Stone Making

Jewelry Packing

Delivering Total 925 Silver Jewelry Success With High-quality Manufacturing

Nendine provides outstanding manufacturing services for your sterling silver jewelry business and add the world called success to your brand.

Unlimited Customizable Options

As a certified jewelry manufacturer, we can manufacture anything that you want. Every jewelry business has specific needs, which is why all our sterling silver jewelry can be made to any plating colors, style, materials and options.

What’s the Differences?
Gold Filled vs Gold Vermeil vs Gold Plating

DefinitionThickness of Plating LayerColor Retention TimeBase MaterialResistance to ScratchSkin SensitivityCost
Gold FilledGold Filledat least 5% solid gold bonded to base material x > 3 micron 5 Years925 Sterling silver or other precious metalsResistance to scratch, good for everyday wearSafe for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic$$$
Increases value
Gold VermeilGold VermeilThicker layer of gold over sterling silver0.5 < x ≤ 3 micron1Years925 Sterling silver or other precious metalsResistance to scratch, good for everyday wearGood for all skin types, hypoallergenic$$
Gold PlatingGold Plating0.05% solid gold content applied over base metal0.03 < x ≤ 0.5 micron6 MonthsUsually cheap metals like brass, copper and othersProne to scratches/tarnishHigher likelihood of skin irritations$
Cheapest option

Go Sustainable, Go Scalable

Sustainability Starts With gold vermeil jewelry production

In gold vermeil jewelry production, sustainability starts with complying with eco-friendly practices like reducing waste, minimizing energy consumption, and using environmentally conscious techniques during the manufacturing process.

In Nendine, we employ eco-friendly plating processes like using non-toxic chemicals and exploring sustainable options for recycling materials in order to ensure all resources are efficiently maximized.

Another ethical practice is the responsible sourcing of base materials (often sterling silver and a genuine gold). Nendine makes sure that these materials are sourced responsibly from reliable suppliers.

Driven by Customers Preferences

Nowadays, customers prefer to consistently patronize businesses that send a powerful message like sense of responsibility, integrity, and social consciousness. Hence, if your business prioritizes sustainability and ethical practices, you can effortlessly communicate your commitment through transparent sourcing information, eco-friendly packaging, and responsible production processes.

This action doesn’t just build trust, but also attracts shoppers who make decisions based on ethical considerations. With these measures in place, they feel good about their purchases and come for more, knowing that they are supporting businesses that care about how their actions affect the environment.

Why Choose Gold-Filled/Gold Vermeil Jewelry to Upgrade Your Brand

Gold filled/vermeil stands out from other types of jewelry thanks to its superior quality and durability that’s typically derived from the thick layer of gold. It successfully strikes a balance between luxury and a more accessible price point. Top-quality yet at budget-friendly prices, allowing consumers to enjoy the opulence of gold without the extremely high price associated with solid gold jewelry.


Long Lasting Plating Color

As a result of the electroplating process, gold vermeil jewelry exhibits remarkable resistance to tarnishing, which is a common problem with solid sterling silver and some other types of jewelry. The gold layer serves as a shield, preventing the underlying metal from coming into contact with elements that cause tarnish, such as humidity, pollutants, and sulfur compounds.


Customer-Friendly Price

Comes in top-quality yet at budget-friendly prices, allowing consumers to enjoy the opulence of gold without the extremely high price associated with solid gold jewelry. It is most advantageous to jewelry enthusiasts who appreciate the elegance of gold but have budget constraints. It democratizes luxury, making high-quality jewelry accessible to a wider range of consumers.


High Potential for Profit

Selling gold filled/vermeil presents an opportunity to supply customers with high-quality jewelry at competitive prices, potentially leading to increased sales and profit margins. This is why gold vermeil has been thriving and will continue to thrive in the jewelry industry. It appeals to both discerning consumers and savvy business owners. It’s a Win-Win business.


Keep Your Brand On-Trend

Gold-filled/vermeil stands out among other types of jewelry for its captivating aesthetics and outstanding versatility. As fashion trends evolve, it seamlessly adapts and caters to diverse customer preferences. The rich color produced by the blend of sterling silver and gold, combined with the smooth and polished finish of the vermeil, makes the jewelry piece have magnificent quality.

Professional Custom Jewelry Services

Order a full production with us and we will waive your sample & prototyping costs as well as receive our dedicated 360° custom jewelry service which removes any difficulties you may have so you can focus on what really matters.

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