Meticulous Quality down to Details

Nendine is among the top jewelry manufacturers committed to producing high-quality products. Every tiny detail matters. We employ strict quality control to monitor every step of our manufacturing process..

Available Quality Assurance Services

Maintaining the highest quality standards in every production step ensures that the custom jewelry you receive from Nendine is the best in the market.

Supplier Selection and Verification

Constant checking of supplier processes & sustainable procurement.

Incoming Material Check

All materials go through a series of quality inspections.

In-Process Operation Monitoring

Routine audits help weed out defective pieces.

Factory Audit

Feel at ease to book a visit to our factory and explore more details.

Check Jewelry Quality

Quality Promise

Committed to High Quality That's More Than Satisfying

Nendine is not an average custom jewelry company. We are committed to producing products with the highest quality without compromising our dedication to a green environment.

We want to exceed our customers’ expectations, provide products that best suit their needs and styles. We believe that quality starts with selecting the best materials and using the most efficient manufacturing techniques.

Adhering to Rigid Quality Standards

All our jewelry at wholesale prices possesses the highest quality standards. This is our guarantee to all our clients.

Eco-Sourced Raw Material

We validate all materials to ensure they are ethically sourced, nickle free and lead-free.

4-Step Quality Check

Each piece of jewelry is inspected based on four quality points before sending out to your shelf.

Specialized Quality Inspectors

Our quality control auditors receive thorough training and years of experience.

In-House Testing Equipment

Having all testing tools within the facility ensures key benchmarks are monitored.

100% Every Piece Inspection

We’re confident the final product meets your standards with every piece inspected.

Beyond Industry Standards

Meeting or even raising the standards mean they’re sure to pass global requirements.

Quality Ensured By

Top-Class Lab & Equipment

We heavily invest in the latest laboratory tools and workshop equipment as part of our commitment to quality jewelry production. We also make it a point to update our equipment, maintaining our edge as China’s leading jewelry production facility.

Close-Loop & Traceable

Quality System That Works

As quality jewelry begins at material procurement, our high-quality benchmarks start with our supplier base. All material purveyors perform routine auditing to ensure they deliver top-grade and responsibly-sourced materials.

Our quality management process is to continuously equip our team with the latest requirements in jewelry production. We also update our protocols to reflect new practices.

Our production process follows a standardized operation workflow developed based on ISO9001, indicating each step and how to maintain our established benchmarks.

Maintaining a traceable paper trail helps us locate potential issues within the process and make appropriate corrections. All documents are appropriately kept and ready to be used as references when needed.

Zoom in Our Impeccable Quality Details

You’re always welcome to check out our quality products. Visit our extensive catalog and product gallery for a closer look.

Total Quality Compliance Ensured by Full Certifications


Nendine is an ISO9001 company. We produce products and services that conform to the regulatory requirements of the jewelry industry.


Nendine is proud to be Intertek certified. Our products have passed inspection, testing, and verification for overall quality and eco-friendly.

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