It’s Nendine, Your Go-to Jewelry Factory

Nendine is a sustainable custom jewelry factory based in China. We are top jewelry factory producing necklaces & pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings offering full OEM/ODM jewelry solutions.

We Make Jewelry Easy For You

With a focus on silver jewelry and brass jewelry, we guide you through the 3D design and manufacturing processes. Taking your idea and making it a reality. Our expansive and efficient jewelry factories and reliable jewelry materials supply chain allow us to complete small to large orders quickly.

Nendine is behind big names in the jewelry business, including designers, jewelers & retailers who want nothing but the best jewelry for their clients.

Value, Insight, Mission, We're Self-motivated.

Keep Listening

All our projects start with a professional consultation. We listen to your needs and desires for top-quality jewelry.

Keep Innovating

There is a strong need for new jewelry styles, and we aim to create unique, efficient, and durable jewelry designs.

Keep Growing

We do our best to expand our horizons, grow into a better, stronger jewelry company to satisfy our clients.

Stay Ahead

Our goal is to become the top brand of OEM/ODM jewelry, and the world’s best manufacturer with a 100-year enterprise.

John Jin – Founder

Industry Impact

Nendine, A Contract-like Namecard in the Jewelry Industry

Nendine is a name synonymous with quality, great value, expert craftsmanship, and professional customer services. We are known in the jewelry industry as a reputable jewelry factory capable of producing quality work at the most affordable rates.

Not An Average Jewelry Factory

Equipping Numerous Advanced Production Facilities

Nendine is a jewelry factory with the most advanced manufacturing process. Our production lines are the busiest with efficient and well-trained workers minding highly-specialized production equipment.

We can complete small to large projects on schedule because of our jewelry factory equipment and state-of-the-art facilities. Our workers receive regular training on new processes to maintain the high quality of our products.
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A Developing Craft Soul

From design to delivery, we place high importance on expert craftsmanship and the best quality of our products. It starts with choosing the best materials and developing the perfect prototype sample to meet our clients' needs.

Fine craftsmanship extends to our efficient manufacturing processes and strict quality control. These practices have made us the leader in jewelry over the years.
Witness Excelsior Quality

Being Responsible to Both Society and Environment

Nendine uses sustainable materials and processes to produce our products. Our eco-friendly jewelry helps us control our carbon footprint and support the green environment goals of different communities.

Our recycled jewelry at wholesale rates can help businesses adhere to climate-neutral jewelry requirements and ease jewelry costs. Nendine wants to set an example with our green products and practices.
Monitor Our Eco-friendly Practices

We collaborate with people and brands; Lets build something great together.