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Your trusted partner for exquisite and high-quality jewelry manufacturing. Whether you’re looking for custom designs, mass production, or unique pieces, Nendine is here to meet all your jewelry needs with precision and excellence.

Nendine, Namecard of Jewelry Manufacturer in China

Nendine is a sustainable custom jewelry factory based in China, proudly operating under Guangzhou Nanding Import and Export Co., LTD. We are a top jewelry manufacturer producing necklaces & pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings offering full OEM/ODM jewelry solutions.

Trusted By Famous Jewelry Brands

Well, that sounds like the same description as many other manufacturers in China. What’s Nendine’s uniqueness?
Our decades of devotion to sustainable material and quality electroplating, namely silver, brass and gold jewelry, sets us apart.
Addressing the rise of sustainable jewelry, we guide you through the 3D design and manufacturing processes, taking your idea and making it a reality. Our expansive and efficient jewelry factories and reliable jewelry materials supply chain in China allow us to complete small to large orders quickly.

Make Sustainable Jewelry Easy For You

Dilemma of Jewelry Brands

Jewelry manufacturing can be quite challenging because the quality of Chinese manufacturers varies significantly. Mistakes are common due to a lack of professional knowledge and communication skills throughout the project process.

So, does this necessarily mean that China jewelry manufacturers are totally unreliable? At least you’ve got Nendine, luckily. We’re here to represent quality jewelry from China.

Nendine offers the way out

Nendine is a name synonymous with quality, great value, expert craftsmanship, and professional customer services. We are known in the jewelry industry as a reputable jewelry factory capable of producing quality work at the most affordable rates.

Supporting behind big names in the jewelry business for 13 years, Nendine works with designers, jewelers & retailers who want nothing but the best jewelry for their clients.

Certified By Highest Industry Standards

We Help Execute Your Jewelry Business Plan

Give it a go –  See if Nendine would be your right team to work with.

making rubber jewelry mold
CAD drawing
Interprete Your Idea

Developing a new piece of jewelry can be overwhelming at the very beginning. The idea might come from just a picture or a sentence.

You need help from a prominent manufacturer:

Produce Your Jewelry Items

Quality jewelry is the most critical part of your outsourced jewelry manufacturing project to Nendine - We won’t let you down.

Here’s our principle of quality jewelry manufacturing:

Coordinate with Timeframe in Mind

Jewelry manufacturing involves countless details that can lead to mistakes and failures. Even the best manufacturers in the world can make errors, but what really matters is having a solution-oriented attitude and taking corrective actions.


To be the rulesetter of jewelry industry in China


Provide one-stop solution to American & European jewelry brands

Add value and foster brands in each stage from starting to scaling

Value Statement

Nendine sees itself leading the jewelry industry by offering creative custom pieces of jewelry that the global market will adore. We focus on developing high-quality jewelry collections using premium, responsibly-sourced materials and the latest crafting techniques at affordable wholesale prices.

We place your needs at the forefront of our jewelry manufacturing process. Listening intently to your project needs and market requirements, we apply them to making jewelry pieces that faithfully represent your brand. Moreover, we provide additional services like custom packaging and private labeling that can fit your production goals.

In the global market, jewelry’s value is based on its quality and design. Nendine understands this fully and places a great focus on developing world-class jewelry with utmost consistency and breathtaking designs. With our amazing jewelry collections and comprehensive service, we add value and help strengthen your brand.

Supporting Jewelry Businesses of Every Size

Nendine’s attitude towards cooperation is clear and firm – mutual respect is the foundation of exchanging value. This principle guides both parties throughout the partnership. Nendine values those who values us, and we spare no effort to support their grow.

For Emerging Brands

  • Jewelry design from sketch to CAD
  • Fast sample to test quality and plating colors
  • Jewelry manufacturing services from lower MOQ
  • Quality control system applied to every project
  • Sustainable packaging solutions in one stop
  • Private label jewelry ready to mass production
  • Solution-oriented after sales services

For Established Brands

  • 360-degree factory auditing processes
  • Transparent and ethical supply chain
  • Standardized & traceable document management
  • Focus on employees’ rights, safety and caring
  • Assess, prevent, and protect environment
  • Safe, bright and healthy working conditions
  • Eco & sustainable practices of social responsibility

“Start with the intention to benefit others, the right methods will naturally follow.”


Ansel Long- Founder & CEO

The guy majored in architecture, entered the jewelry industry by chance 13 years ago, now becomes a KOL in jewelry manufacturing industry in China.

Ansel identified the pain points of jewelry manufacturing early on and has since gained a large number of clients because of it. The Nendine team deeply appreciates his true legacy:

“You can’t capture a client’s heart if you can’t show how Nendine can help in 30 minutes.”

Now, Ansel is primarily responsible for business development, sales, manufacturing, and team building at Nendine – almost every aspect of the company. Like every CEO, he both suffers and enjoys the journey with a firm belief.

Connect and follow Ansel Via Linkedin:

To bring more affordable jewelry to more clients in the world - this motivates us to achieve goals beyond anyone’s expectations

At Nendine, everyone contributes to our client’s overall satisfaction. We all share the same value: serving our clients the best we can as jewelry suppliers. Our focus is to grow and win as one, to become the most trusted jewelry company in the industry.

Not An Average Jewelry Factory

Equipping Numerous Advanced Production Facilities

Nendine is a jewelry factory with the most advanced manufacturing process. Our production lines are the busiest with efficient and well-trained workers minding highly-specialized production equipment.

We can complete small to large projects on schedule because of our jewelry factory equipment and state-of-the-art facilities. Our workers receive regular training on new processes to maint.

A Developing Craft Soul

From design to delivery, we place high importance on expert craftsmanship and the best quality of our products. It starts with choosing the best materials and developing the perfect prototype sample to meet our clients’ needs.

Fine craftsmanship extends to our efficient manufacturing processes and strict quality control. These practices have made us the leader in jewelry over the years.

Being Responsible to Both Society and Environment

Nendine uses sustainable materials and processes to produce our products. Our eco-friendly jewelry helps us control our carbon footprint and support the green environment goals of different communities.

Our recycled jewelry at wholesale rates can help businesses adhere to climate-neutral jewelry requirements and ease jewelry costs. Nendine wants to set an example with our green products and practices.

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