Why Nendine


Rich Experience of Custom Jewelry

Trust Nendine’s experts to bring your custom jewelry concepts to life. With more than a decade of robust production experience, we’ve turned custom jewelry manufacturing into an art form. No creative challenge or material specification is beyond our expertise – we can turn any idea into functional and marketable pieces of jewelry for your business.


Globally Certified Factory

Keeping up with industry standards for quality and reliable jewelry production, Nendine’s facilities have global certifications from leading authorities. We take all steps to provide you with the best custom jewelry in the market.

nendine team

Unlimited Material Capabilities

Expansive material diversity helps create bespoke custom jewelry that can make your brand stand out from the competition. Not wanting to limit your creativity, we have access to any material imaginable, thanks to our solid supply chain and strong partnerships with reliable suppliers. Plus, we ensure all materials are in abundant supply and of top quality.


Stringent Quality Control

Quality custom jewelry production is what makes Nendine a cut above our peers. To guarantee you get top-grade custom wholesale jewelry, we employ a series of meticulous quality control standards that are practiced at every step of the production process. Seasoned auditors go through every batch, using their keen eye for detail to filter the jewelry before packaging.

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Team of Top Players

More than workmates, Nendine’s team of skilled personnel works as a close-knit unit to fulfill each order to completion. We unite as a whole to service your order from consulting to delivery. Aside from constant training and years of experience in the industry, our team applies modern production techniques and market trends to create your bespoke custom jewelry.


Keep Eco in Mind

Eco-friendly and sustainable jewelry production is how we do business. Not only are the custom jewelry from Nendine made from premium materials and time-tested processes, but each piece of jewelry is also created with sustainable practices. From responsible material sourcing to minimizing carbon footprint, we’re committed to being a leader in responsible jewelry manufacturing.


Door-to-Door Logistics

Having long-term partnerships with well-vetted logistics companies ensures that shipping is not only safe but delivered to your location on time. Depending on your target market, we can also assist you in completing customs paperwork to expedite and simplify the shipping process.


Reliable After-Sales

Nendine provides you with peerless service that goes beyond order completion. We have a responsive customer support team to handle your inquiries and concerns at a timely pace. Moreover, our design and production experts go through production concerns and deliver reliable fixes to ensure they don’t happen in the future.

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