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Why Do We Recommend Gold Vermeil Jewelry for Your Business

In the beauty and fashion industry, only a few accessories capture the essence of luxury like gold vermeil jewelry. From a distance, it attracts people, including those who know about it and people who have no knowledge of it. In recent times, it has emerged as a popular choice for jewelry lovers because of its affordability and luxurious look.

Whether you are in the beauty and fashion industry or own a boutique, adding gold vermeil jewelry in your collection can enhance your product offerings and attract budget-conscious customers in need of high-quality, glamorous accessories. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the reasons why gold vermeil jewelry is a smart business move.

Understanding Gold Vermeil


Gold vermeil is a type of jewelry made of a sterling silver base and an electroplated thick layer of solid gold. Before any jewelry is referred as gold vermeil, it must have the following composition.

Base Material

The base material used most frequently is sterling silver, which is an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metal materials. Mind you, the other metals must be high-quality materials like brass or copper.

Plating Layer

Must be plated in a gold layer that is at least 10 karats (10k). This signifies that the jewelry contains a minimum of 41.7% gold. The thickness of the gold plating must be at least 2.5 microns. A micron is 1/1000th millimeter.

Making Process of Gold Vermeil Jewlery

Popular Gold Vermeil Colors

Gold Vermeil Finishes

How Gold Vermeil Differs from Other Types of Jewelry

Gold Vermeil vs Gold-Plated

While both types of jewelry making process involves bonding a layer of gold over a base metal, gold vermeil outshines gold-plated jewelry because it uses a thicker layer of gold.

This translates to a longer-lasting piece. On the other hand, gold-plated jewelry uses a thinner layer of gold, making the piece susceptible to rapid wear and revealing the base metal underneath.

Gold Vermeil vs Solid Silver

While solid silver is popularly known for its natural beauty and blend with different outfits, it tends to tarnish over time because of exposure to air and moisture. Gold vermeil, on the other hand, boasts better quality and resistance thanks to its protective gold layer that helps maintain its luster and shine for a more extended period without requiring frequent polishing.

Gold Vermeil vs Gold-Filled

These two are very similar and sometimes mistaken for each other. However, gold-filled involves electroplating a thick layer of gold over a cheaper and weaker base metal like brass.

This compromises the durability and quality of the jewelry when compared to gold vermeil.

chart of gold plating gold filled gold vermeil

Gold Vermeil on a Different Base Metal


Combines the warmth of copper’s reddish-brown hue with the lustrous gold overlay, which creates a striking visual contrast of an antique or rustic appeal. Copper-based gold vermeil exudes a sense of vintage and is popularly used for intricate, bohemian-style pieces.


The base metal is quite cheap, hence offers a blend of affordability and style with the lustrous gold overlay. The bright-yellow hue of brass complements the gold layer, resulting in jewelry pieces that make bold fashion statements.

Sterling Silver

Gold vermeil jewelry is popularly preached with sterling silver base metals. Although the price is a bit higher, it is loved by sustainable jewelry brands and mainly crafted for people with allergic reactions to nickel. Gold vermeil on sterling silver is the best combination for individuals with sensitive skin.

Gold Vermeil under Different Gold Purity


Basically, the purity level of gold vermeil jewelry depends on the amount of gold that’s electroplated to the sterling silver, and this is measured in karats.

There are a few types of karats, with each of them catering to different preferences, budget, and intended use. While higher-karat gold vermeil offers better gold color and brilliance, lower-karat options offer durability and affordability.

24k Gold Vermeil

Just as the name implies, this gold vermeil is made of 100% pure gold layer, resulting in the highest form of richness and luster. It is exceptionally radiant and offers the nearest resemblance to solid gold.

22k Gold Vermeil

Slightly lower than 24k, this gold vermeil still boasts a deep, warm color, and luxurious appeal. It shines bright and lasts long, making it an ideal option for jewelry enthusiasts who appreciate a rich gold hue.

18k Gold Vermeil

This is quite popular, as it strikes the balance between durability and beauty. Offering a vibrant gold color with less susceptibility to wear and tarnish, it stands out compared to other options.

14k Gold Vermeil

Also popular for its durability and affordability, it possesses a slightly lighter gold hue compared to higher-karat vermeil but retains an appealing, warm tone. With proper maintenance, it can be worn every day.

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