Sustainability is Your Brand’s Destination.

Make the switch to sustainable jewelry with Nendine.

Recycled Sterling Silver

Eco Brass

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Cubic Zirconia Stones

Faux Pearl

Vegan Leather

Environmental-Friendly Materials

Nendine distinguishes its assortment of custom wholesale jewelry from the crowd by opting for top-grade and eco-friendly materials. These materials exhibit similar qualities and comparable appearance as their premium counterparts but are more sustainable and safer for the environment.

Long-Term Color Retention Against Fast Fashion

Jewelry pieces that retain their shades are more appealing and more marketable to customers. To ensure they capture your customers better, we test the materials used on each custom piece of jewelry for extended color retention, making their shine and luster last longer. 

Our Sustainability Journey

Ethically-Sourced Materials

Nendine upholds the commitment to the ethical sourcing of materials. We only get gems, pearls, and other materials from well-vetted suppliers with a strong record of sustainable sourcing practices. Moreover, we also verify with suppliers that precious gems are responsibly mined from legitimate locations.

Lower Energy Use

Lowering power consumption helps us not only in reducing production expenses and our carbon footprint. Some methods we employ in minimizing energy use include using a centralized HVAC control system to regulate factory temperature. Additionally, we opt for LED lighting fixtures in both the office and production factory.

Quality Operation Process

With over a decade of production experience, we’ve distilled our quality operation protocols to maximize the materials and produce less waste. We also recycle and reuse the materials as much as possible, allowing us to create more custom jewelry with limited resources.

Responsible Waste Treatment

As a trusted jewelry manufacturer, we practice ethical waste management, especially for chemical waste that’s potentially dangerous to the environment. We utilize a reliable waste gas collection system for proper disposal, while all liquid solutions used in the electroplating process are forwarded to professional waste management facilities for treatment.

Maintaining a Diverse, Healthy and Engaged Workspace

Nendine’s production facility is known globally as having a workplace conducive to improved and consistent manufacturing. Having regular discussions with our team gives us a clear view of what they need and provides lasting solutions to encourage a safe and healthy workspace.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To Grow Also Means to Give Back and to Live in Gratitude.

For Employees

Taking care of our team gives them the confidence to do more and pursue more in their career. We provide our team with everything they need to feel safe in the workplace and allow them to focus on what they do best – producing top-class jewelry for your brand.

For Stakeholders

Nendine places the stakeholders' interests over our own interests as always. Giving back to our suppliers, partners of logistics, and investors makes us even stronger. Keeping it run in a positive cycle, we make sure stakeholders receive better returns on their investments.

For Society and Community

As a way of giving back to society and caring the community where we stand on, we’re providing opportunities for everyone to gain skills and earn at the same time. One way we’re doing this is that 70% of Nendine’s employees are women.

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