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Jewelry Manufacturing Services

Nendine is a sterling silver jewelry & brass jewerly manufacturing company and factory in China. Our powerful capabilities allow us to produce large-quantity orders making us the top jewelry maker in volume.

Jewelry Manufacturing Process

Nendine practices a streamlined jewelry manufacturing process is focusing on fast and efficient jewelry production without skipping quality and consistency.

Leading 3D Jewelry Mold Manufacturing Techniques

Nendine uses high-end production technologies and materials in sterling silver jewelry and brass jewerlry manufacturing to produce outstanding jewelry products.

Jewelry Casting

Casting the Wax Model into Metal

The wax tree is set on a stainless steel cylinder, and the plaster slurry is slowly injected along the inner wall of the cylinder, left naturally for 6-12 hours to solidify the plaster. Then the plaster mold is baked.

Take out the baked plaster mold and prepare the metal solution for casting simultaneously. Next, the molten and prepared gold water is injected through the water spout.


Jewelry Stone Making & Setting

According to the jewelry design drawing, diamonds or gemstones are hand sorted and picked to match the color, cut, and size, ready for setting.

Our experienced craftspeople set each diamond and gemstone by hand. Sometimes micro-setting is required, which is a skilled job, setting stones under dozens of times magnification!

Jewelry Stone Making
Jewelry Polishing


After the jewelry is shaped, the metal surface and detail parts need to be further polished, and some jewelry needs a second polishing process before plating to make its surface smoother! The polishing process should ensure that the goods can not be deformed and drop stone phenomenon.


Assembly & Packaging

A good laser weld is three times as strong as the virgin metal, or 260 times stronger than a solder joint. This precision heat source allows laser weld metal in close proximity of heat sensitive stones and materials such as enamel and pearls, without affecting the stone or material.

We take great pride in delivering the highest possible quality to our customers.

Jewelry Assembly & Packaging
jewelry factory and lab

Top Facilities

3rd Certified Factory & Lab

To elevate our production capabilities, our factory and laboratories receive certifications , strictly adhering to these standards.

Skilled Workers
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Production Area
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Testing Equipment
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Quality Assurance & Punctual Delivery

Quality Assurance & Punctual Delivery

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