Sampling Service

Nendine practices a reliable jewellery business plan sample service that gives you a first-hand look at our production expertise. We deliver high-quality samples if you require simple wholesale jewelry or custom collections.

jewelry sampling service

Get your sample in 1 week

Jewelry manufacturing, especially when sourcing internationally, involves a lot of trial and error to achieve the ideal pieces your brand can rely on, and your customers will gravitate on.

Nendine helps you make the sourcing process simpler and more manageable by providing you with practical samples of the custom jewelry within a week, so you can try them out and guarantee they meet your specifications.

Endless Material Sample Cards to Validate Your Design

We know designers.

Part of our sampling process is sending you a material sample card that accurately represents the materials we will use on your jewelry project. This gives you a great idea of how the final jewelry pieces will be once produced.

We Value Efficient Sampling Process.

Get the Tips Below to Get Started.

01 What our talented 3D jewelry designers deliver:


Types of metal, pearl, gemstone, plating to complete your design


Engraving, certain type of finish, ways of stone setting, etc.


height, width, diameter, thickness of your main part and components


Type of clasp, requirements on accessories, plating thickness, etc.

Projected Quantities

Optimize your design regarding your budget from the beginning

Do not hesitate to gather inspiration pictures of pieces you like if you do not have prototypes on hand. Simple 2D drawings are enough for a great start.

02 Get 3D Design File For Analysis

After getting your requirements and project ideas, our team creates a visual representation of the jewelry using cutting-edge 3D design software. We then send you a copy of the file for checking, with revision requests done immediately until you’re fully satisfied.

03 Get Your Final Sample in 1 Week

Once the 3D design receives your approval, it’s sent to our production team to create the final sample and shipped to you within a week.

04 Review, Modify & Finalize the Sample

Any revision request is addressed, making constant modifications to the samples until we achieve your desired results.

Free samples made easy.

With us you don’t need to be an artist to create your custom jewelry design.

sample display
final sample of jewelry

Q&A with Your Concerns Solved

1. Can I do secondary sample modification?

The second sample will have changes and modifications base on your feedback, ensuring that we achieve your design expectations or until you are satisfied with the final design.

2. Any extra costs of my sample?

We do not set any hidden cost options for your samples. Instead, our sales manager will discuss all possible costs with you before producing the jewelry piece.

3. How long can I receive my samples?

Once we have confirmed your jewelry design, your samples will be ready within 5-7 days, and DHL or FedEx shipping will take 5-7 days to get to your site due to different regions. We will try our best to help you receive your samples asap.

Work with Nendine on the Custom Jewelry Business!

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