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Austin Li

- Co-Founder

Austin is a real powerhouse for Nendine team, always talk slowly and firmly while his mind works quickly to understand client’s needs.

By serving major jewelry brands that partner with Nendine and managing the intricate processes involved, his extensive knowledge and skills in the jewelry industry shine through.

Now leading the sales team of Nendine by conveying his arsenal to help the team better service clients.

Tom Zhu

- Production Manager

Show him a picture of your wanted jewelry, Tom identifies the material, techniques, price, estimated lead time, and everything related to jewelry manufacturing – AI won’t beat him, for sure.

Tom monitors over all aspects of production while managing raw materials suppliers.

Whenever things get tough, Tom is a rock to sales team. From answering some of your questions to solving quality issues, Tom’s contribution is indispensable to every order.

Jiao Xian

- Designer

You might not get the chance to interact with Jiao directly, but you’ve definitely seen her masterpieces. Every new product launch, showroom display, and jewelry arrangement at trade shows are all crafted with her touch and aesthetic sense. From jewelry design to handmade creations, Jiao guarantees Nendine’s aesthetic quality.

When Jiao isn’t sketching new designs or collaborating with the team, she enjoys travelling and cooking, which continuously inspire her design work.

David Zheng

- Quality Manager

“Don’t believe in experience, believe in your keen eye in every check.”

David’s dedication to maintaining the highest quality standards is evident in every facet of his work.

Whether he’s conducting inspections on the production line or analyzing feedback from customers, David’s expertise plays a crucial role in upholding Nendine’s reputation for excellence.

Nina Zhu

- Sales Manager

Nina may have a mild-looking face with a constant smile, but don’t let that fool you—her approach to serving clients is bold and determined. She fearlessly navigates the complexities of client interactions with confidence and panache.

Clients can be confusing at times, but Nina cuts through the noise with her direct and no-nonsense analysis, helping to accelerate decision-making processes.

Iris Huang

- Sales Manager

Meet Iris, our heartfelt advisor at Nendine.

Whether it’s discussing intricate jewelry designs or managing project budgets, Iris is always there to lend a compassionate ear and provide invaluable advice.

Even outside of work, Iris carries her nurturing spirit, playing the role of a gentle and caring mom to her 3-year-old daughter.

Eva Liu

- Sales Manager

Eva is a firecracker, always bursting with energy and ready to take on any challenge. There’s never a dull moment when she’s around.

It’s not unusual to see her grabbing a piece of bread while replying to clients.

Using her specialized jewelry knowledge and logical thinking to help clients avoid detours, Eva gets things done neatly and efficiently.

Miyo Hong

- Sales Manager

Our ambassador of humor and relaxation at Nendine. With his knack for creating a light-hearted and chill atmosphere, conversations with clients are always filled with laughter and ease.

Despite his laid-back demeanor, Miyo is incredibly patient and meticulously responsible for every detail, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

So sit back, relax, and let Miyo guide you through your jewelry journey with a smile.

Vicky Tang

- Sales Manager

Bilingual maven at Nendine, fluent in both English and French. Harnessing the power of language as a tool, Vicky seamlessly navigates the world of jewelry design, bridging communication gaps and bringing creative visions to life.

With her linguistic prowess and creative flair, Vicky adds a unique dimension to our design process, ensuring that every project is executed with precision and clarity. Whether it’s brainstorming ideas or communicating with international clients, Vicky’s bilingual expertise shines through, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

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