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With the help of innovative 3D jewelry design software, we can develop custom jewelry with greater detail and make quicker adjustments before producing samples.

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Jewelry Designer Producing CAD

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Sketch Design of Hoop Earring
CAD of earring hoop
final product of earring hoop

During the design process of your custom wholesale jewelry, the 3D design software can show which materials work best to enhance the product design. It also gives a great visualization of how the piece will look with your choice of material.

Aside from showing us a visual representation of the custom jewelry project, these design tools allow us to bring your ideas to visible image, making it easy to make significant changes and try several styles for you to choose.

Once you send us a copy of your designs, we can quickly translate them to our 3D design tools and create different samples where we can enhance the custom jewelry through modern design trends.

Another step we can take during the design phase is to detect potential concerns with the final custom jewelry design and address them before moving into the production phase.

After getting your approval for the finalized jewelry design, we forward the file to our production team and create functional samples. By using 3D design software, we’re sure the design is accurately transferred and without errors.

As the 3D design software allows us unlimited opportunities to mix and match designs and materials, we can get desired results without using physical materials in this step, saving on significant production costs.

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Jewelry CAD


We’ve filtered our design process over the years, resulting in a streamlined manufacturing flow focusing on optimal results at short lead times. Get the final picture in 48 hours.

designer working on jewelry design


Nendine is a seasoned jewelry manufacturer with over 12 years of industry expertise, satisfying the diverse demands of hundreds of jewelry stores worldwide.

Jewellery CAD Model


Our seasoned design team is constantly in touch with over 500 materials, the latest design trends and applying upcoming market preferences in creating custom jewelry for your brand.

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