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Faceted Stone Cuff Bracelet: How Does Nendine Respond to Unexpected Situations?


Encountering a critical flaw with the client’s bracelet design, Nendine leverages our industry expertise and quality control measures to address the issue and satisfy the client. Here’s a run-through of how we dealt with the project.

Case Background

On August 13, 2022, we received an inquiry from the United States. The client wanted plated jewelry made of nickel-free and lead-free materials. With some designs of stones and pearls, she’s now looking for a suitable manufacturer to bring her design to life.

“I am interested in gold plated, nickle free, lead free materials. Do you have access to stones and pearls that can be added to jewelry? I have serveral designs in mind that I would like to have made. Just starting out and looking for a manufacturer and would like to know info on what you offer. Thanks!”

During the initial chat via WhatsApp, we found that the client only had some rough ideas for the project. After our communication and guidance, she visualized her ideas by giving a few sketches. Among these designs is a cuff bracelet studded with faceted stones. 

Satisfying Sample Made in 3 Days

The sketch would be great enough for us to continue, however, we are still a long way from production. Thus, we communicated in-depth with the client to ensure we fully understood her design concept and needs. After that, we proceeded to the 3D design process.

The client was so excited when we presented the first CAD design. She felt we read her mind and implemented the ideas perfectly in CAD. Plus, the whole process is free of charge!

chat record showing positive feedback

After getting the approval for the design, we created the molds and samples with satisfactory results.

The client received the samples 7 days after creation. To our surprise, the stones on the top of the two bracelets fell off!

This is a serious quality concern that didn’t occur in the sample-making process. And as it’s not our style to shift responsibility or ignore it, we responded immediately to the issue and asked her for help to analyze the problem. The customer’s inspection showed that while the packaging remained intact, the stone just fell off.

We then asked the team to investigate and assured the customer that this problem would not happen again in the mass production process. If this problem occurs again, we will take full responsibility and pay for it. Our attitude towards the situation has earned her trust – she generously gave us warm words to praise our solutions to the problems, even if they happened during the weekend.

Unexpected Situation After Mass Production: Stones Falls Off When Stretched

In 3 weeks, the production of the final bracelets was completed as scheduled. However, the issue of the stones detaching from the base continued. We informed the customer of this to show transparency and that we’re taking the concern seriously.

finished cuff bracelets

The team then recorded a series of videos showing the tests we conducted and a detailed explanation of why the issue was happening.

1. Drop Tests

We did drop tests of the bracelet twice, with the bracelet dropped from a height of 1 meter. Results showed that the bracelet stayed intact after each drop, and the stone did not fall off.

2. Tapping Test

The second video showed how we tapped the table with the bracelet, and the stone stayed on the whole time. The client was satisfied with the product quality through these two testing videos.

3. Wearing Test

The previous videos clarified that the issue was separate from the production processes. For the final test, we made a wearing test that revealed the real reason behind the problem.

Wearers need to bend the bracelet open for wearing and removal. The issue is when the bracelet is bent too far, it produces a force that pressures the stones out of place. And as the stones are only glued on the socket, they pop off.

Solution: Bracelet Redesign and Pay for the Expenses

The client finally understood that the problem was caused by the fact that the structural force was not considered during the design stage. The client asked us if there was any solution to this design flaw. Thanks to the joint effort of our whole team, we figured one out: add claws to the stone inlay to keep it in place despite the pressure.

Our capable design team then applied the necessary changes and made samples to test the theory. Once our solution proved correct, the bracelets were mass-produced and inspected for quality control.

(New product with claws added)

All the defective products were then discarded. Nendine bears all the costs of those defective products and the new batch, even though the issue was not caused by our end.

Solving the problem, the client finally felt that choosing us as a supplier was the right choice.

Happy Client= Solid Cooperation

After dealing with the client’s sample problem, we gained her trust and placed another order 3 days after. The second order amounts to four times the value of the first! She even gave samples made by 3 other factories, showing her utmost trust in our process.

Nendine Team’s Service Capability At a Glance

Nendine treats all clients with a highly responsible and responsive attitude. If there is any problem, we face them head-on, find the root cause of the concern, and make permanent solutions to address them.

We understand the anxiety and frustration when something goes wrong, so we find ways to fix them to avoid reoccurrence. In this case, we tackled the concern and delivered exceptional solutions even if the problem of falling stones was not from our end. Only by resolving production concerns will we forge a stronger working relationship.

In a nutshell, we can:

  • Fully understand your jewelry business background and needs
  • Grasp your design concept and requirements through in-depth communication
  • Advise and help to choose the right materials within your budget
  • Provide jewelry expertise to avoid necessary investment and trial cost
  • Review and improve the design draft to avoid future concerns
  • Produce quality jewelry within the prescribed timeframe
  • Solve after-sales issues responsibly

If you are looking for a reliable supplier for your next jewelry project, look no further than Nendine. We are confident to be your best choice for quality custom jewelry. 


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