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Notre équipe

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Bienvenue au bureau de Nendine, où nous apprécions notre équipe comme aucune autre. Nous investissons massivement dans les progrès de notre équipe, en leur fournissant tout ce dont ils ont besoin pour exceller dans ce qu’ils font et produire des bijoux personnalisés qui dépassent vos attentes.

État d'esprit partagé à Nendine

La façon de travailler des meilleurs joueurs


Make the places we work fun.

We believe that people are more productive when working in a fun and exciting environment. Wanting to positively encourage our team, we take extra effort to turn our production workshops into a place they want to be in.

Having fun activities during downtime, inspiring brainstorming and encouraging team members to share their ideas helps us bring these ideals to fruition.

Prendre l’ownership

Deliver the promise we make.

Nendine’s team of experts commits to upholding our promise to provide quality custom jewelry on time, all the time. We stop at nothing in creating your custom jewelry, from offering several design options and sourcing the right materials for your project to quick sampling and unlimited modifications to meet your expectations.

Plus, our promise does not end once your purchase leaves our warehouse. We have a responsive support team that listens to your concerns and provide expert, long-term solutions.

Penser profondément

Connect the dots and influences.

We’re not just jewelry manufacturers – we’re critical thinkers and problem solvers. Give us a challenge, and we’ll deal with every obstacle to deliver expert solutions for better and more marketable custom jewelry.

Nendine leans on our decade-long production experience and deep understanding of market trends to provide creative solutions that will fit your needs. Our seasoned team also takes inspiration from previous successful projects to address last-minute concerns with satisfying results.

Confiance et collaboration

Teamwork makes us stronger.

Nendine believes that “teamwork makes the dream work,” and this is seen in every aspect of our production process. Each team works closely with others to ensure smooth and consistent manufacturing of your custom jewelry.

Additionally, we practice open communication within teams, discussing project goals and coordinating in each step for faster order completion. Quality inspectors discuss points of improvement with the production staff, and the support team works with the designers to resolve functionality issues, these are some of the ways we work together.

Rechercher l'excellence

Treat every client as our friend.

As a seasoned custom jewelry manufacturer, Nendine seeks excellence in every transaction. Whether it’s their first transaction or their 50th, each client is seen as a close friend that we’ve worked with for a long time.

We provide an assortment of services that help improve your custom jewelry project, making them more appealing and marketable for your audience. Also, we listen to your concerns and implement them into bringing your projects to life.

Notre équipe enviable

Agile. Flexible. Productif.

Travaillez avec Nendine sur le marché des bijoux personnalisés !

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