Meticulous Quality down to Details

Nendine is among the top jewelry manufacturers committed to producing high-quality products. Every tiny detail matters. We employ strict quality control to monitor every step of our manufacturing process.

Quality Promise

Committed to High Quality That's More Than Satisfying

Nendine is not an average custom jewelry company. We are committed to producing products with the highest quality without compromising our dedication to a green environment.

We want to exceed our customers’ expectations, provide products that best suit their needs and styles. We believe that quality starts with selecting the best materials and using the most efficient manufacturing techniques.

Adhering to Rigid Quality Standards

All our jewelry at wholesale prices possesses the highest quality standards. This is our guarantee to all our clients.

Appearance Inspection

The jewelry surface should be smooth, no scraping, no hammering and other processing marks, the edges and corners should be smooth and hairless.

100% Every Piece Inspection

We ensure that every piece of jewelry is reviewed for quality before it leaves the factory.

Packaging Inspection

The appearance of the finished bag should be straight, smooth, no wrinkles, no pollution, and the position of the hanging holes should not be shifted.

Zoom in Our Impeccable Quality Details

You’re always welcome to check out our quality products. Visit our extensive catalog and product gallery for a closer look.

Ring Quality Detail

Pendant Quality Detail

Earring Quality Detail

Necklace Quality Detail

Zircon Quality Detail

Artificial Gemstone Quality Detail

All Thanks to Strictest Inspections & Tests In Our Lab

Because of the most demanding inspections and extreme tests, we can preserve the quality standards of our production and manufacturing processes.

Material Screening

Quality begins with the selection of suitable material for a project. Our experts help clients choose the best raw material and put the prototype to the test.
Any negative result will lead to an overhaul, which continues until we find the right material for the job. Only when the suitable material is located will the manufacturing process start.

Appearance Inspection

A team of quality experts checks the exterior of a product. The inspection takes time as the product is subjected to different tests.
Our experts base their assessment on a list of features that the client is looking for. They also make sure that there are no defects. After passing this tedious stage, the products are printed and accessories fitted.

Printing Inspection

Your company logo is placed on the jewelry packaging you ordered. You may also add other essential details or images that represent your business.
Our quality team makes sure that your company logo and additional info are correct, precise, and has a professional finish. This thorough inspection ensures that the products are ready for accessories fitting and packaging.

Fittings Checking

All accessories and add-ons must be complete and intact. Our quality team continues to check for missing accessories, incorrect placement, and anything that does not conform to the client’s design.
Our inspections are always based on the original design to preserve the overall quality and minimize any errors. We check, double-check all products before they are wrapped, packed, and shipped.

Outgoing Inspection

The products undergo a final outgoing inspection. This is the stage before the products leave the manufacturing plant and enter the packaging process.
We inspect the product packaging and ensure that all the items inside are intact, including accessories, labels, etc. Our quality team is obsessed with perfection; we want everything to be perfect for ensuring ultimate client satisfaction.

Total Quality Compliance Ensured by Full Certifications

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