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Commited to Eco-friendly Jewelry Packaging

Nendine is an eco jewelry manufacturer that leads the industry in sustainable production and the use of eco-friendly jewelry materials. We are committed to a green environment for all.

To the Resilience of the Environment and the Well-beings of Human

Because of our commitment to a green environment, we only use neutral processes for all our eco-friendly jewelry products. Nendine aims to promote balance in its mission to provide good quality jewelry while preserving the environment, society, and industry. We believe that through sustainable, green materials and processes, we are steps closer to a healthy and strong environment.

We Take Every Move Oriented to the Sustainable Future

Use Certified Green Materials

Nendine’s dedication to creating green, eco-friendly products starts with our material choice. We use only materials that have minimal impact on the environment, such as the recycled silver and eco brass.

Our clients and end users can recycle jewelry from Nendine, use them to store other accessories or to hold different types of jewelry pieces.

Implement Climate-neutral Manufacturing Processes

With the use of climate-neutral manufacturing techniques, we are able to produce high-quality jewelry products without contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Nendine invests highly in equipment and materials that won’t impact the environment. Our green strategies, processes, and products are continuously updated. We support clean energy use, reforestation, and the reduction of all future emissions to help preserve the environment.

Choose Any Possible Environmental Alternatives

As our products evolve, our processes and technologies are upgraded as well. Because of these, we do our best to find the best alternatives to produce sustainable jewelry.

We want to provide clients with environmentally efficient packaging alternatives without losing focus on superior customer satisfaction. Let’s help you find the right jewelry packaging and commit to an eco-friendly future.

Invest in Innovation of Resource-saving Materials

Nendine places high value on material innovation, especially in choosing environmentally friendly materials for our sustainable jewelry products.

Our research and development team constantly studies, discovers, and creates materials that support the environment. We know that all our efforts are not just for our clients but also for the good of the jewelry industry and climate protection.

Work on Social & Environmental Contributions Actively

Nendine is a partner of local communities and government agencies in the plight to save our environment. We actively support social and environmental causes through use of sustainable materials, eco-friendly processes, and carbon-neutral technologies.

Our products are recyclable and reusable and thus, won’t negatively impact the communities where our clients reside. Partner with DEQI, and together, let’s save our environment.

We collaborate with people and brands; Lets build something great together.