Your partnership with Nendine doesn’t end when the jewelry leaves our facility, as we offer reliable after-sales support. Whether you require assistance in answering customer inquiries or replacements for fading jewelry shades, we take them on and resolve them for you.

Waterproof Jewelry

1-Year Quality Warranty

Nendine prides itself as a premier jewelry manufacturer that produces impeccable and reliable custom jewelry. We’re confident in our expertise that all our jewelry pieces get a 1-year quality warranty coverage.

For defects or issues within the jewelry, we handle replacements provided we fully understand the concern and do tests on our end to validate the issues.

Responsive Team

Responsive Team,
Responsible Attitude

Constant communication is key to a lasting business relationship. As such, we have a responsive support team that handles your inquiries and concerns with the utmost professionalism.

We carefully analyze inquiries and promptly provide permanent solutions to resolve those concerns.

Real cases tell it all

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